Rev1000 Masturbator ($169)

The REV1000 is one of the most innovative male masturbators of the past few years. The 'rotating stroker' idea has been tried before, but it's never been pulled off successfully as it has now with the REV1000, perhaps the most sophisticated sex machine for men ever built. It has 7 patterns of speed and 7 patterns of vibration making for endless variations each time you use it. The motor lasts for 40 minutes on a single charge of just 60 minutes. The toy has been designed for easy cleaning too.

Well received by sex toy fans everywhere as evidenced by the countless top ratings its been given at various sex toy sites. Sometimes luxury masturbators, especially if they are novel and offer something different like the REV1000, can be a little bit of a risk, but this automatic sex machine is almost guaranteed to please.

apoll-stroker-2Alpha Stroker 2 ($109)

Welcome to the latest advance in male sex machine technology.  The Apollo Alpha Stroker 2 is a portable sex machine for men that delivers up to 30 different powerful vibration modes within an ultra-realistic pussy stroker.

A powerful sex machine that you can hold in your hand and take with you anywhere.

The new Autoblow is here! The Autoblow 2 is the best sex machine for men in the world!

A sex machine for men that is the result of years of testing and development and millions of dollars in research, as well as working on the feedback from thousands of customers of the original Autoblow blowjob machine. What's really amazing about the Autoblow 2 is that it is a fully automated cock sucking machine that still costs under $150!

mach-strokerOnahole Stroker ($69)

An automatic male stroker from japan, this anime styled stroking machine consists of an onahole (Japanese fake pussy) that grips your penis and slides and vibrates according to the speed you set via the remote control.

This sophisticated but reasonably priced sex machine is available to purchase direct from Japan (low cost shipping worldwide).


roto-batorThe Roto-Bator Machine ($133)

The Roto-Bator is billed as the world' first cordless vibrating masturbator for men.  Rather than simply buzzing your penis as other male vibrators tend to do, the Roto-Bator spins around your cock at tremendous speed, generating a sensation that is unlike any other male sex toy on Earth.

The sleeve grips to your penis as spins around, lashing your skin with soft feathery whips.  The experience has to be felt to be believed.

If you penis gets de-sensitized easily, then you might not enjoy this toy too much, but for most of us it's a uniqe sex machine for men that provides a uniqe thrill!

SOM are a Japanese company who make the most powerful male sex machines in the world. Their machines are generally big, incredibly powerful, and with the kind of high quality stimulating sleeves that you would expect from a Japanese sex toy manufacturer. Naturally, these machines aren't cheap, ranging in price from around $300 to $1,000 in price. But there is no doubt they are sound investments if you take masturbation seriously. Quite simply, these machines take masturbation to another level and can deliver an experience that even real sex cannot compare with.

The most affordable and accessible of the SOM sex machine range is the Puchi SOM available for just $335

Puchi SOM

Puchi speedStanding just 10 cm tall, the Puchi sits between the legs and delivers rapid thrusts at two different selectable speeds. The two speeds are 90 thrusts per minute, or a staggering 180 thrusts per minute. No other sex machine for men other than the SOMs can even approach these incredible speeds. The Puchi SOM is truly the 'pocket rocket' of male sex machines!

The inner masturbation sleeve is stretchy and soft with a delicious variety of ridges and bumps. When purchasing the Puchi sex machine you have the option of ordering more than one onahole (Japanese term for masturbation sleeve) as replacements.

Here is a brief list of the sex machines for men that your cock would love you for buying.

The Robotic Blowjob Machine - The world's first realistic blowjob machine has already sold over 1 million units. An automatic cock sucking machine that is well worth the <$100 investment.

Som Rocket Sex Machine for Him - The most advanced male sex machine in the world.   Doesn't come cheap, but what price for the perfect sex machine that delivers an unbelievable orgasm on demand, as many times as you want?

Cobra Libre Sex Machine - The first true vibrator for men, and already earning a repuation as perhaps the greatest male sex toy. Two powerful internal motors create ectasy for your penis.

AEBN created something last year that may well go down in history as the moment that Adam no longer required Eve. Male sexual independence has arrived. Why spend a fortune in nightclubs searching for a cheap lay with a 6 or a 7 when you can pay $199 and have virtual sex with a 10 any time you choose (and not have to worry about STD's afterwards)?

O.K, I hear you say, virtual sex sounds great, but have AEBN really pulled it off with the RealTouch? Have they really created a virtual sex device as good as the real thing?

Well, I can truthfully say that they have certainly created a realistic alternative to real sex. Haptic Technology (developed by a former NASA engineer) allows you to experience whatever is happening to the male porn actor in the scene you are watching - perfectly in synch with each thrust, lick, and orgasm (yes, you even feel mosit cum splashing your penis as the girl in the video climaxes).

Is it as good as the real thing? It's very, very close. In fact, I would say with just a little fine-tuning of the macine, together with the introduction of 3D porn videos, it probably will match the real thing. Furthermore, the makers of the RealTouch are already working on allowing you to have virtual sex with live webcam performers. Virtual sex has arrived. Now go grab yourself a piece of history.

The RealTouch Virtual Reality Sex Machine - $199

The Mastomatic 2 is one of the most popular sex machines for men.  A simple automated male masturbator that allows you hands free masturbation at the touch of a button.  The Mastomatic has a realistic pussy interior and a fully adjustable speed of motion.  This is essentially a Fleshlight type masturbation sleeve that does the work for you - just slip it on and let it fuck you.

The Mastomatic is the perfect tool for any masturbator, simply slide your cock in the realistic feeling mouth and turn it on. The Mastomatic will stroke your cock up and down, just like a real blowjob. The Mastomatic comes with a fully adjustable speed control, giving you total control over your self induced pleasure.

Whether you are going solo, or having fun with your partner/s the Mastomatic, is the most relaxing way to cum. No hand movements are required! All you will need to do lie back and let the Mastomatic stroke your love rod.

The Mastomatic is very easy to use, will never say no, and is always wanting to suck you to ecstasy. The soft mouth is always thirsty for your cock, and is guaranteed to please you every time.

When you order your Mastomatic today, we will ship it as fast as possible, so you can be using your Mastomatic, by the weekend! So what are you waiting for?

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