RealTouch Virtual Reality Sex Machine

AEBN created something last year that may well go down in history as the moment that Adam no longer required Eve. Male sexual independence has arrived. Why spend a fortune in nightclubs searching for a cheap lay with a 6 or a 7 when you can pay $199 and have virtual sex with a 10 any time you choose (and not have to worry about STD's afterwards)?

O.K, I hear you say, virtual sex sounds great, but have AEBN really pulled it off with the RealTouch? Have they really created a virtual sex device as good as the real thing?

Well, I can truthfully say that they have certainly created a realistic alternative to real sex. Haptic Technology (developed by a former NASA engineer) allows you to experience whatever is happening to the male porn actor in the scene you are watching - perfectly in synch with each thrust, lick, and orgasm (yes, you even feel mosit cum splashing your penis as the girl in the video climaxes).

Is it as good as the real thing? It's very, very close. In fact, I would say with just a little fine-tuning of the macine, together with the introduction of 3D porn videos, it probably will match the real thing. Furthermore, the makers of the RealTouch are already working on allowing you to have virtual sex with live webcam performers. Virtual sex has arrived. Now go grab yourself a piece of history.

The RealTouch Virtual Reality Sex Machine - $199

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