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Rev1000 Masturbator ($169)

The REV1000 is one of the most innovative male masturbators of the past few years. The 'rotating stroker' idea has been tried before, but it's never been pulled off successfully as it has now with the REV1000, perhaps the most sophisticated sex machine for men ever built. It has 7 patterns of speed and 7 patterns of vibration making for endless variations each time you use it. The motor lasts for 40 minutes on a single charge of just 60 minutes. The toy has been designed for easy cleaning too.

Well received by sex toy fans everywhere as evidenced by the countless top ratings its been given at various sex toy sites. Sometimes luxury masturbators, especially if they are novel and offer something different like the REV1000, can be a little bit of a risk, but this automatic sex machine is almost guaranteed to please.

mach-strokerOnahole Stroker ($69)

An automatic male stroker from japan, this anime styled stroking machine consists of an onahole (Japanese fake pussy) that grips your penis and slides and vibrates according to the speed you set via the remote control.

This sophisticated but reasonably priced sex machine is available to purchase direct from Japan (low cost shipping worldwide).