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SOM are a Japanese company who make the most powerful male sex machines in the world. Their machines are generally big, incredibly powerful, and with the kind of high quality stimulating sleeves that you would expect from a Japanese sex toy manufacturer. Naturally, these machines aren't cheap, ranging in price from around $300 to $1,000 in price. But there is no doubt they are sound investments if you take masturbation seriously. Quite simply, these machines take masturbation to another level and can deliver an experience that even real sex cannot compare with.

The most affordable and accessible of the SOM sex machine range is the Puchi SOM available for just $335

Puchi SOM

Puchi speedStanding just 10 cm tall, the Puchi sits between the legs and delivers rapid thrusts at two different selectable speeds. The two speeds are 90 thrusts per minute, or a staggering 180 thrusts per minute. No other sex machine for men other than the SOMs can even approach these incredible speeds. The Puchi SOM is truly the 'pocket rocket' of male sex machines!

The inner masturbation sleeve is stretchy and soft with a delicious variety of ridges and bumps. When purchasing the Puchi sex machine you have the option of ordering more than one onahole (Japanese term for masturbation sleeve) as replacements.